Where to upload and post your house virtual tour link

A strong online presence is a must for any realtor today. Virtual tours dramatically increase the impact of that presence and are quickly becoming a necessity as well. But to get the very most out of your hard work and investment, you need to know where to upload and where to post your tours so that they find (and impress) the right people.

Social media

In a way, this is obvious. Social media is an effective tool for just about anyone trying to accomplish anything with other people. A large part of selling property is networking and that’s what social media is all about, so it only makes sense for you to upload your virtual tours there.

A word of caution, however. It’s important to dive into social media with a clear view of how to use it and what to expect. Yes, upload your virtual tour to YouTube and Facebook as well. Share the links on your various accounts and have your agents do so as well. But keep in mind that no virtual tour post is going to go viral on social media. Instead, posting a social media is all about availability. You want to have an easily-to-share link to your virtual tour and social media gives you that.

Use social media to increase your search-engine visibility and to share virtual tours with potential buyers. High-quality virtual tours can also give your social media page the right atmosphere of professionalism for anyone new who comes looking.

Tools of the trade

But social media is for everyone. There are some-industry-specific tips that you should keep in mind as well. First, make sure you like the virtual tour to your agent’s MLS number to increase visibility. Second, upload the tour to your agent’s personal website. You want to build him/her up as a successful realtor not only to help sell this property, but to help close deals in the future as well.

If you really want to make an impression for little extra effort, think about getting a new domain name to host your virtual tour. By choosing a unique domain name, preferably something easy and memorable, you can make it very easy to refer people to the tour, even verbally. This is also a smart move to give off a good impression. A property with its own fancy website and virtual tour is surely one worth purchasing.

Realtor.com is another good place you can consider uploading your virtual tour. With these tools in hand, you should have a solid foundation of how to get the most out of your virtual tour.

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