The power of 360° virtual tours in real estate

Not sold on 360° virtual tours yet? Well it’s time to get on board, because 360° virtual tours property tours have become a dominant factor in real estate. This isn’t just a fancy gimmick to satisfy sellers or impress big buyers – it’s a tool to save time, money, increase customer satisfaction and extend your reach. Technology always brings a big leap forward and as virtual tours becomes cheaper and more readily accessible, it is quickly evolving into the next big thing for real estate. Here’s why.

Time saver

One of the biggest reasons that virtual tours stands to push the entire real estate industry forward is the amount of time is saves for everyone. How much of your time is spent showing properties and failing to close deals? Before a buyer can make a decision, he naturally needs to get a good look at what he’s thinking of buying. Without virtual tours, the only way to do that is to take the time to go see the property in person.

Knowing that virtual tours is an available alternative, this old method of showing real estate is revealed as a huge waste of time for agents, buyers and sellers. 360° virtual tours streamline the process by allowing potential buyers to get a detailed, realistic look at a listing before even deciding if it’s worth going to take a look at. In turn, agents only have to deal with informed buyers who are already close to making a decision.


Shopping for real estate anytime, from anywhere

Before virtual tours, shopping for property remotely was a real problem. What if you wanted to move across the country? You had to have a lot of trust in a real estate agent, book a flight and spend an entire vacation seeing as many properties as you could to make sure you found something suitable.

But with virtual tours you can search for what you want from anywhere, and at any time. There’s no need to wait for an agent to answer your query – you just get online and have a good look for yourself. The rest of the internet has been enjoying the fruits of online shopping for years. virtual tours bring that reality closer to real estate as well.

It keeps getting easier

As demand for 360° virtual tours increases, new initiatives are making it easier and more accessible than ever. With VRealty for example, you can create high-quality 360° virtual tours with an easy-to-use app that guides you through the process. In fact, the only investment you have to make is a specialized camera to get those beautiful 360° shots.

With the technology getting cheaper and easier to use, the excuses to avoid virtual tours are running out. That means more real estate firms are making use of it to get an edge in the market – but not for long. 360° virtual tours is on the rise and agents are finding that using virtual tours is increasingly become a necessity to keep up with the competition rather than a tool to get ahead of them. After all, nobody wants to get left behind.

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