Increasing your marketing ROI and how virtual tours can help

Nobody wants to invest in a new technology and/or marketing campaign that turns into a flop. In case of such a failure, you may not only lose your investment – you could do some real PR damage as well. And that’s the biggest cause of skepticism about virtual tours. How can you be sure your investment will pay off? What else will you accomplish besides a slightly more advanced and professional look?

1 – A direct boost in sales

Stats show virtual tours leading to a direct boost in sales, plain and simple. Virtual tours are more engaging than traditional marketing media, giving you ample opportunity to connect with viewers on a more intimate level. Virtual tours give a sense of authenticity that excites viewers to go see the real thing and no one will express interest in something if they can’t see or don’t understand what it is. Consumers are also looking to increase their ROI and virtual tours help convince them that they are.

2 – Repurpose your content

One of the best things about virtual tours is that they can tie into all of your other marketing efforts by way of repurposing your content. Other videos or photos you’ve taken can be included in your virtual tours to make them more engaging and the opposite is true as well. Whatever visuals you capture for your virtual tour can be reused and repurposed in other campaigns and different forms of media. This makes your content more diverse and interesting while acting almost like a backup plan, guaranteeing that whatever content you create for a virtual reality tour will be useful no matter what.

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3 – Include other targeted messages

Not only can you repurpose the content you create for virtual tours, you can inject them with targeted messages that can boost brand awareness and perception. In this way, the benefits gained from using virtual tours go beyond making a quick buck. You can even personalize and optimize tours so that viewers who take one path get an ad or message specific to them while viewers who chose a different path get the same on their end.

4 – Get ahead of the competition

Virtual tours also increase your marketing ROI by putting you out in front of the competition. Everyone is adopting video as the most effective form of marketing because it’s more engaging than still photos and text-based articles. Virtual tours is the next stage in this evolution, the next step up from video. That means using virtual tours helps you stand out from the crowd, which results in you getting more for your efforts.

5 – Bring people together

Virtual tours are a great way to bring people together online, which is the sole goal of more than a few marketing campaigns. You can hold live broadcast events to show a large number of people a location in 360 degrees all at once. Then, share the result with the right people and the right online communities. This use of virtual tours means they encourage engagement, get people talking amongst themselves and increase excitement about your product.

These are all good reasons you shouldn’t let virtual tours scare you. Sure, you have to put in a bit of effort to get it right, but doing so will increase your marketing ROI and put you ahead of your competitors in the field. You will always have to invest before you see results, so why not invest in best?


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