5 reasons why agents can’t ignore virtual tours marketing strategies

Looking for that competitive edge to keep you ahead in the game? So is everyone else. That’s already a good reason to pay attention to virtual tours. If you’re opponents are or might soon be using the latest, greatest weapons in existence, it behooves you to get on board and at least keep pace with everyone else.

But there’s a reason everyone around you is talking about virtual tours. In fact, there are several reasons, and they all come down to that fact that virtual tours makes your business better. How? To find out, let’s look at these reasons you can’t continue ignoring virtual tours in your marketing strategies:

1 – Open 24/7

Imagine you’re a buyer scanning online for properties after work. You find one that looks great, but the real estate office is closed – you’ll have to call tomorrow to make an appointment to see it. In the meantime, why not keep looking? On a different site, you find a great site – and there’s a virtual tour you can take! The first real estate company just lost a deal, not because of the quality of the offering, but simply because of their availability – a problem solved with virtual tours.

2 – Expand your reach

Globalization isn’t slowing down any time soon, but without virtual tours real estate companies are essentially marketing to themselves and their friends. Sure, online postings help a little, but a buyer coming from out of town or out of country is still going to have to make a special trip to view what you have to offer, and if it’s the same as everyone else, who says they’ll choose you to visit? virtual tours help people from further away get a more intimate look at your offerings and can be more efficient with their time.

3 – More sales, faster

When buyers can be more efficient with their time, you can be more efficient with yours. Buyers who actually come to see the property in person are further along in the decision-making process after taking a virtual tour than they would be without one. That means you’re only showing properties in person to serious customers who are more likely to close a deal.

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4 – Sell for more

Research shows properties with virtual tours generally sell for more than others. This is partly thanks to the wider audience exposed to the property through a virtual tour, the excitement generated around it, the fear of losing it to other buyers and showing up with greater confidence that they really want to buy that property. Whatever the specific reason, the real estate company benefits.

5 – Perform better in online searches

Google loves virtual tours, and it rewards its use. Properties with virtual tours appear higher in search rankings than those without, giving them far greater exposure. What’s more, sites with higher traffic are recognized as more valuable to Google and therefore the rest of your website will benefit from improved SEO results for relevant search terms.

Even if your direct competitors aren’t dabbling in virtual tours just yet, this could be a golden opportunity to leapfrog ahead of them. Being the first in your market using this technology will help build a reputation of cutting-edge professionalism and give you extra resources to push for progress. 


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