3 virtual tour stats you need to know

Virtual tours are quickly taking over the real estate industry. As more brokers become exposed

to the benefits of this technology and buyers become more used to seeing virtual tours as an option, they are becoming ingrained in our expectations. This huge shift in the industry is resulting in some interesting stats and figures that anyone with a future in real estate should know about.

1 – Attention retention: virtual tours keep people on your website 5-10 times longer

The online arena has turned into a free-for-all of teams and players competing for one thing: attention. If you get more customers to pay attention to you for a longer period of time than your rivals, you win. You have the opportunity to show each customer more offers and to convince them of their value.

As a highly-engaging technology, viewers spend much longer looking at a property in virtual tour than they would otherwise and stats show that they’re more likely to stay on your site and browse through other properties as well. The result is a 5-10 times increase in attention retention.


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2 – More views: 87% more, to be exact

Ever wondered why you sometimes post a great listing that just doesn’t attract that much attention? Even a great property can get lost among the noise. But virtual tours automatically increase interest in a property as expressed in views. virtual tours gives viewers a more intimate, in-depth look at a property and is therefore far more beneficial than a group of photos, no matter how professional they may be.

Virtual tours also has a “cool” factor that draws attention. It’s interactive, engaging and therefore exciting. What’s more, people are coming to expect virtual tour as an option, meaning that they are far more likely to view a property with an available tour than one without. Get ready for an 87% leap in views.

3 – Google it: Virtual tours tours boost search engine rankings

Honestly, there’s no better argument for virtual tours than this: Google loves it, and is actively trying to encourage the technology. That translates into a big boost in search rankings for real estate companies. Google shows virtual tours thumbnails almost twice as often as traditional photos. Google Maps is in on it as well, where virtual tours listings enjoy a 12% increase of engagement compared to their traditional counterparts.

That means anyone looking for real estate in your area is far more likely to stumble across your listings if they include virtual tours. Otherwise, that potential business could go to a forward-thinking competitor, and you definitely don’t want that.

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